What is a good material for soup pot   1、Stainless steel soup pot: boil-resistant soup is light and not suitable for cooking medicine   Stainless steel pots can also be used to cook soups. Its characteristics are large capacity, resistant to cooking, can be used to cook chicken soup, ribs soup and other soups that need to be boiled for a long time, the soup cooked in this pot is lighter, unlike the soup cooked in a casserole has a sense of the original flavor. Not suitable to use stainless steel pot to cook some of the soup with Chinese herbs, because Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids, the heating process will occur with the stainless steel chemical reaction, affecting the medicinal effect of the soup.   2, the pressure cooker time is fast, the greater the loss of nutrients   Pressure cooker can quickly cook the soup in the shortest possible time, the nutrition is not destroyed, that is, save fire and electricity, suitable for cooking texture tough, not easy to cook soft raw materials. But the pressure cooker into the food should not exceed the pot 's highest water level line, so as not to internal pressure is not enough to cook food quickly.   3, casserole original flavor easy to crack   Use the casserole to make soup can keep the original flavor. The casserole can withstand high temperatures, withstand the gas for a long time stew, need a small fire slow stew. Casserole can make the soup rich, delicious and do not lose the original nutrients, but poor thermal conductivity, easy to crack. New casserole is best not to use directly, you must go through some processing before you can use again.   4, casserole pot gas saving suitable for large families   This kind of pot is suitable for boiling more fiber pork, beef, chicken-type soups, or beans, brown rice and other hard cereal soups. The biggest feature of the crock pot is that the ingredients are put into the inner pot and boiled, then put into the outer pot and left for 1~2 hours to make the ingredients gradually cooked. That can save gas, and can retain the nutrients in the food. When cooking in a crock pot, the food should not be too little, to the full is better.   5, tile can taste fresh and mellow, time-consuming   The best effect of making fresh soup simmered in an aged tile pot. Tile pot is made of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials that do not easily transfer heat into the clay after high temperature firing. Its aeration, good adsorption, but also has a uniform heat transfer, slow heat dissipation and other characteristics. When simmering fresh soup, tile cans can be balanced and lasting external heat transfer to the internal raw materials, want to balance the ambient temperature, conducive to the mutual penetration of water molecules and food, the longer this mutual penetration is maintained, the more fresh and fragrant ingredients overflow, simmered soup taste more fresh and mellow






1, oil drying before use Stainless steel products in the production process, generally need to go through rolling, sheet punching, stretching and other processes, so that the metal surface to form a lot of fine capillary pores, these small pores if not closed, easy to store dirt, resulting in rust. So before you start using stainless steel products, you can apply a thin film of vegetable oil, and bake dry on the fire, to cover the stainless steel products with a protective film. This is easy to clean, but also to extend the life of stainless steel. 2、Use even heating When using stainless steel products to cook food, it is best to make the fire evenly distributed, so that the stainless steel is heated evenly, so that it is not easy to paste the pan, the taste of the stir-fried dishes are also more delicious. 3、Wash clean after use Stainless steel products to pay attention to clean, keep dry, smooth is brushed with water, dry with a dry face, and then buckle in a dry and ventilated place, so that stainless steel can be durable. 4, not long-term storage of acid and alkaline substances Avoid long-term storage of acid, alkaline too strong food, such as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. Not modified although stronger than iron products, aluminum products corrosion resistance, but not absolutely no rust, to acid and alkali, salt and many other items if stored for a long time will also rust.






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