Development of a Low Pressure, Air Atomized Oil Burner with High Atomizer Air Flow

A. General lighting
This kind of lighting is mainly to meet the most basic functional lighting needs, focusing on the overall, and less consideration in the local lighting needs, so that the entire home space lighting brightness distribution has an even effect, so that the light of the environment has a unity, so as to try to facilitate the comfortable for our daily use. General lighting, the use of light sources are more power, efficiency is also very high, mainly for the living room or bedroom and other areas of the overhead lights, to meet the basic lighting needed in these areas.
Second, localized lighting
On the basis of meeting the general lighting, localized lighting is mainly to meet the special local needs of indoor areas, generally set one or more cover lighting fixtures, so as to provide local areas with concentrated light for lighting or decoration. Its light source power is small, but also able to adjust and change the direction of light. Suitable for placing bedside lamps at the head of the bed, or desk lamps installed above the desk; in a larger area of space, you can distribute multiple lighting fixtures in multiple areas, in order to meet the local lighting at the same time, but also to play a decorative role, but pay attention to the appropriate use, do not overdo it, otherwise it is easy to cause visual fatigue.
Third, directional lighting
This type of lighting is to emphasize the specific objectives and space and thus the use of high brightness lighting, it can highlight the theme, the role of specific objects to highlight, but we need to light source color, intensity and size of the irradiated surface and other aspects of a reasonable consideration. For example, in the restaurant above the dining table can use this directional lighting, not only to create a warm and comfortable family atmosphere, but also to decorate the food, so that the food can visually promote our appetite.
Fourth, mixed lighting
Composed of general lighting and local lighting, in order to meet the needs of the basic lighting at the same time can also meet specific needs to ensure the brightness of the space, but the layout should be reasonable, to present a hierarchical and organized lighting environment, to avoid waste or disrupt the visual effect of the space.
V. Accent lighting
More focused on the need for decorative, to enhance the material texture and highlight the beauty, to play a role in the shaping of some accessories or carefully arranged space.
Sixth, no main light type lighting
The visual effect is excellent, and the overall design style will also present a unique sense of beauty, lighting is mainly hidden lighting, so the space effect is very simple.