What to pay attention to when using stainless steel products What to pay attention to when using stainless steel products

1, oil drying before use
Stainless steel products in the production process, generally need to go through rolling, sheet punching, stretching and other processes, so that the metal surface to form a lot of fine capillary pores, these small pores if not closed, easy to store dirt, resulting in rust. So before you start using stainless steel products, you can apply a thin film of vegetable oil, and bake dry on the fire, to cover the stainless steel products with a protective film. This is easy to clean, but also to extend the life of stainless steel.
2、Use even heating
When using stainless steel products to cook food, it is best to make the fire evenly distributed, so that the stainless steel is heated evenly, so that it is not easy to paste the pan, the taste of the stir-fried dishes are also more delicious.
3、Wash clean after use
Stainless steel products to pay attention to clean, keep dry, smooth is brushed with water, dry with a dry face, and then buckle in a dry and ventilated place, so that stainless steel can be durable.
4, not long-term storage of acid and alkaline substances
Avoid long-term storage of acid, alkaline too strong food, such as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. Not modified although stronger than iron products, aluminum products corrosion resistance, but not absolutely no rust, to acid and alkali, salt and many other items if stored for a long time will also rust.