Application areas of stainless steel products

A. Sanitary ware
In food processing, catering, brewing and other industrial fields, stainless steel is also widely used. Because it is easy to clean every day, but also for chemical cleaning agents have a good tolerance, but also because it is not easy to breed bacteria. Tests have shown that the performance in this area is the same as glass and ceramic.
Second, the chemical field
In the chemical industry, stainless steel products are widely used for its good chemical stability and sturdiness, can be used for holding containers, reaction vessels, etc.
Third, architectural decoration
In the field of architectural decoration, stainless steel products are used in the hall, elevator decorative panels, etc. Because the surface of stainless steel products is smooth after processing and forming, it is not easy to accumulate dirt, so it can be kept clean for a longer time, but if you do not pay attention to cleaning, the deposition of dirt will make stainless steel rust or even cause corrosion. In addition, the polishing process used for stainless steel products is also very important for the selection of stainless steel products, for example; in spacious halls, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for elevator decorative panels, the surface of the handprint can be wiped off, but affect the beauty, so it should be selected according to the need to have a grainy surface to prevent leaving handprints.
Stainless steel products are used in such a wide range of applications, we can find themselves around a lot of things are made of stainless steel.